What is aging your skin and harming your overall health? We, at Alani Botanicals, are age-positive. We want to encourage women to look and feel good in their own skin and not fight the signs of aging. After all, the massive amount of stress that comes with the desire to look younger could be quickening the process!

Stress not, here’s a list of everyday essentials to cultivate a loving relationship with your skin:

🌿Create a savvy skincare routine and stick to it

Like everything else in life, good skin is work. Choose skin care products with natural and organic ingredients as the results are long-lasting and it heals your skin from inside out. Time might be a constraint so make sure you designate 15-20 minutes to your self-care. Don’t beat yourself up if life gets in the way and you fall off the wagon from time to time!

💧Drink water

I’m sure that this is the ultimate advice you will often hear – only because it is life-changing. Keep a water bottle with you at all times or set reminders so that you stay on top of your hydration game!

✅Monitor your skin regularly

A good understanding of your skin type, the products you are using and the symptoms behind your skin troubles is key. A little research and analysis will go a long way in nurturing healthy skin and overall health!

Remember you are in it for the long haul so shortcuts will never do you good, feeling powerful and happy in your skin is a process which is the reward in itself.

Reach out to us with any skin care related questions you have! 🌿

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