Are you looking for skincare that brightens and tightens your skin?

Two key ingredients that would help brighten and tighten your skin and act as anti-aging are alpha-hydroxy acids and vitamin C. They help skin troubles such as hyperpigmentation and promote the production of collagen for plumper skin.

Alpha-hydroxy acids and vitamin C combined will:

  • target the surface layers of the skin
  • exfoliate away dull, dead skin for healthier skin renewal
  • gently remove discolorations over time for clearer skin
  • boost radiance with the help of its powerful antioxidant powers
  • help protect and fade sun damage
  • hydrate dry, sensitive skin by delivering moisture

These key ingredients can act differently according to when you use them. For instance, if you are planning to spend or have spent a day in the sun, use a serum loaded with vitamin C. Then use a moisturizer with alpha-hydroxy acids at night to help regenerate skin cells while you sleep. This routine is excellent for when you have dry, sensitive skin. Note that alpha-hydroxy acids can make the skin more sun-sensitive for certain people; therefore, it’s recommended to use it at night.

You can use products containing alpha-hydroxy acids and vitamin C as standalone or combined them as part of your morning or night routine.

Treat your skin with love, and it will love you back!

2 thoughts on “Key ingredients to brighten your skin

  1. Jay says:

    Cool tip to use Vitamin C after spending a day out in the sun! Thanks.

    1. Alani Botanicals says:

      Jay, you’re very welcome! 😀

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