5 Benefits of avocado oil

Avocado Oil is a rich and nourishing oil loaded with vitamins, proteins, beta-carotene, lecithin, and potassium. It has a superior moisturizing effect on the upper layer of the skin, which makes it an excellent moisturizer for dry skin.

  • Increases the level of sebum, our natural skin oil-producing gland
  • Heals chapped skin
  • Reduces inflammation with its high in amino acid proteins
  • Contains vitamin A, D, and E that helps nourish and moisturize
  • Helps with dryness and irritation due to eczema and psoriasis ⠀⁠

Dry skin benefits well from avocado oil without leaving a greasy feeling.


Did you know that ripped avocado makes a great hair mask? Before wash, mix half of an avocado with a tablespoon of coconut oil. Leave on for 30-60 minutes, for deep conditioning, then wash hair as usual. Your hair will be deeply moisturized and shiny!

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