5 Ways to clear skin

Are you looking to have clear skin? Then, pay attention to your daily habits!

When it comes to clear skin, pay attention to what you do daily, how you treat your face, what you eat and drink, how you care for your face, and what types of products you are using.

1. Build a morning and nighttime routine and keep it consistent.

Building a consistent routine will help you. It’s as simple as having your go-to cleanser, serum, and moisturizer for everyday use.

2. Don’t pick! Keep your hand off your face.

Your hands are full of bacteria. You can irritate your skin by constantly touching your face. If you must touch, make sure your hands are clean.

3. Keep your body hydrated and eat healthy foods.

Drinking plenty of water will help flush out toxins and help you keep a clear complexion. In addition, eating clean foods free of preservatives will help your gut, hence providing clear skin.

4. Exfoliate and mask weekly.

Exfoliating helps get rid of dead skin cells and has a rejuvenating effect. Depending on your skin type, either exfoliate or mask once a week, or do both. Over exfoliating can irritate dry, sensitive skin.

5. Buy the right products for your skin type.

Not all products are made the same. Choose the right products for your skin type and goals. Moisturing for dry skin, oil control for oily skin, balancing extracts for combination skin. Pay attention to allergens for sensitive and mature skin.

Creating healthy habits will help ease your clear skin challenges. Changing your daily habits will make a difference in your skin and body.

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